Vegan Additives FAQ

What is the purpose of this app?

This app is designed to help users determine whether a specific additive is vegan or not. It provides information about various additives commonly found in food products and their vegan status.

How do I use the app to check if an additive is vegan?

Simply search for the additive you're interested in within the app. The app will provide detailed information about the additive, including its vegan status.

What does it mean for an additive to be vegan?

A vegan additive is one that does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. It is suitable for individuals following a vegan or plant-based diet.

Are all additives automatically non-vegan?

No, not all additives are automatically non-vegan. While some additives may be derived from animal sources, there are also many additives that are plant-based or synthetic and therefore considered vegan.

How reliable is the information provided in the app?

The information in the app is sourced from reputable databases, ingredient lists, and relevant manufacturers. However, it's important to note that ingredient formulations can change, and new scientific research may impact the vegan status of certain additives. The app aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but users are encouraged to double-check with manufacturers or contact the app support team for any specific concerns.

Can I suggest new additives to be included in the app's database?

Absolutely! We welcome user suggestions for new additives to be included in the app's database. Please reach out to our support team with the details of the additive, including its name, purpose, and any relevant information that can help determine its vegan status.

Is the app available on both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, the app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can download it from the respective app stores and install it on your device.

Does the app provide additional information about additives, such as their potential health effects?

The primary focus of the app is to provide information about the vegan status of additives. While it may include general information about additives, such as their function and common uses, it is not intended to provide comprehensive health-related information. For specific health concerns, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional.

Are there any subscription fees or in-app purchases required to use the app?

The basic functionality of the app, including the ability to check additive vegan status, is available for free. There is an ad-free version available through the in-app purchase.

Can I contribute to the app's database or suggest corrections?

Yes, we value user contributions and feedback. If you come across any inaccuracies or have additional information about an additive's vegan status, you can submit it through the app. Our team will review the suggestions and make necessary updates to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Is the app available in multiple languages?

At the moment, the app is only available in English and does not support multiple languages. We understand the importance of catering to a diverse user base, and we are actively working on adding support for additional languages in future updates. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we strive to enhance the app's accessibility and reach.

How frequently is the app updated with new additives or changes to existing ones?

The app aims to stay up-to-date with the latest information on additives. Updates may include the addition of new additives, changes in vegan status, or any relevant regulatory updates. The frequency of updates may vary, but the app strives to provide timely and accurate information.

Why are some additives marked as vegan in this app but not in another app?

The determination of whether an additive is considered vegan can sometimes vary between different sources. While our app strives to provide accurate and reliable information, it's important to understand that there can be differences in the interpretation of vegan status based on various factors. These factors may include differences in the databases or sources of information used, variations in the criteria for determining vegan status, or updates in scientific research or ingredient formulations. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in our app, sourcing from reputable databases, ingredient lists, and relevant manufacturers. However, it's recommended to cross-reference information from multiple trusted sources to gain a comprehensive understanding. If you have any specific concerns or questions about a particular additive, we encourage you to reach out to our app support team, who can provide further clarification and assistance.